I am Anthea Maree Dijamco, a bookworm, a struggling writer, a photography enthusiast, a pharmacist, and a music lover, residing in the Philippines.

I’ve grown to love reading, since I was a grade schooler, was and still trying to read every road sign I see, to the point of correcting wrong spellings in my head. I can see them, pronto. But I cannot notice if there is something wrong with mathematical formulas.

Fiction is a refuge since I held the third book in the Harry Potter series. From then on, I tried perusing every genre of the written words there is. That must also be the day where I wanted to write a book someday. For now, I am settling with a blog.

I’ve also been fond of photographing places since college, sparking my interest in painting with light. The inspiration started this travel blog in January 2015 to curate my footsteps elsewhere. I prefer taking landscapes, but also fond of documenting portraits and everyday life.

I have a degree in Pharmacy, which is still mystical for me. Science is both a wonder and an art. Even though underappreciated in this country, this aspect of health science grew on me.

This blog is called “Antheineraries,” a contraction of my name and the word “itinerary”. Hence, expect this space as my itinerary in travel and in life.

Ideas continue popping in my head, whenever and wherever. This is where it can be found.

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