On different sunsets

sunset in Philippines Journal

On different sunsets

“You know– one loves the sunset, when one is so sad…” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince)

An account of chasing sunsets.

sunset in Philippines
Calaguas (2016)
sunset in Philippines
La Union (2017)

Today, I have a freaking writer’s block.

Maybe a whole year of it or two.

It’s kind of frustrating since it meant that I am slowing down, when I didn’t want to. I am drowning with this life, when it should not be that suffocating. I felt like I needed something more, but something more meant I have to persevere to fit in. I abhor this mediocrity. But it meant early mornings and late nights,on the expense of my personal being.

I saved this post of sunsets for a long time. It reminds me of half the eerie feeling that day ended, and half of it meant joy, as the darkness settles, as there was a beautiful reminder. I am lucky, I’ve seen a lot of them, anywhere, and I have even appreciate it in this hectic city.

Maybe I am in a rut right now. Maybe I’ll never recover. Maybe, and I’ll know later on. I’ll never regret it once the answer is in front of me.

sunset in Philippines
En route to Palawan (2017)
sunset in Philippines
El Nido (2017)
sunset in Philippines
Cebu (2017)
sunset in Phillippines
Magalawa Island (2017)
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